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Total Call Control(Shake Call)

1.06 usd

With the "Total Call Control" Pro you can accept or deny incoming and outgoing calls.The app could be used by visually impaired people and anyone else.Total Call Control is the only app (known to us) on the market to fully support answer mode on all devices.
Waiting for an important call, but the touch screen on your device is unresponsive and there is no way to answer the call? No problem, with the Total Call Control you have the aid of all the sensors and hardware keys available on your device. Just shake it or push the volume rocker, camera button and you can pick up, hang up or start a new call.
Features:✔ Initiate outgoing calls (favorite number - fast dial via shake to call).✔ Answer incoming calls with speaker on or off✔ Reject/Block incoming calls, two modes to choose from: - drop or send to voice mail - answer/hang up - no voicemail✔ Silence the ringer
Using the hardware keys and sensors available:✔ Shake mode - shake your phone, 3 different user defined sensitivities✔ Flip device - using the light sensor. Will not trigger inside a bag or pocket, you have to pull it out first (not available on all devices)✔ Volume up rocker✔ Volume down rocker✔ Camera hardware button (not available on all devices)
The shake feature is available on devices with accelerometer only (almost all android devices). The face down (upside down) feature will require a light sensor. Camera button requires a physical camera button on the device.
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